Stop the Bleeding Campaign

We strive to promote the role of tax justice in the African Development Agenda

Behind the Stop The Bleeding campaign (STB) is the strong belief in the voices of mobilized students, trade unions, faith based and other grassroots social movements to urge decision makers to stop the bleeding of Africa’s resources through illicit outflows. Africa loses USD 50 billion each year through illicit financial activities of multinational companies and rich individuals. The multiplier effect of these losses from Africa mean loss of jobs, income, decent education and basic infrastructure. According to the African Union / Economic Commission for Africa’s High-Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs), the continent lost approx. USD 1 trillion between 1980- 2008. The panel which is chaired by Thabo Mbeki reports that the major perpetrators are multinational companies operating in Africa’s extractive sector- oil, gas and minerals. These activities pose a major threat to sustainable development and security across the continent. Since its launch in 2015 with other partners, it is now a global movement for the curbing of IFFs. STB records national launches, marches and 4000 signatures as of 2017. Add yours at: www.stopthebleedingafrica.org